"Twin Crystal" LLC started operations in 2007, and expanded the factory facility and renovated its equipment in 2011. The company produces vacuum insulated doors and windows using German technology. Our factory has the capacity to produce 16,000 m2 vacuum windows with metal or PVC plastic frames, and we have reached our goal to of producing and supplying European standard products for the Mongolian market.

● Our plastic material for frames is made in China with German technology. The product has international quality certification under ISO 9001:2000 and is made with high quality materials from Shide and LG, with 4-5 layers.
● Our rubber sealant is made with German and Turkish rubber, and is resistant to temperatures of up to -50o C.
● The lLocks and hinges are offered in a wide array of options and made with locks, hinges, braces, sealtes of from Wink House, and Roto firms.
● Built-in drain, s and suitable for Mongolia's harsh weather conditions, as the material has four layers and is resistant to heat and cold.
● The product ais guaranteed by laboratory tests.
● The windows have two layers of glass with a thickness of 4mm . The glass has no coloration or flaws, and is high quality  glass specifically made for vacuum windows.
Special features of our factory:
Use of high quality materials from Shide ,and LG, with ISO 9001certification 
Automated machinery
Professional team
Guaranteed high quality
Custom design for clients
Fast service
Additional services
Performed services:
Over 10,000 m2 windows with plastic and steel frames have been provided for more than 40 apartments complexes, factories, businesses, schools, kindergartens, and more including:
● Expansion of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry 2010
● Extension Expansion of the Bayanzurkh district District Tax Office, in 2013
● “Happy Town”  Apartment complex Complex of “Undur Buyant Holding” LLC, in 2012-2014
● “Romashka” School, in 2012
● “Unur Bul”, ”Shine Muruudul 1-2”, and “Undur Khutul” apartment complexes of “Burged Construction” 2009 -2017