“Eagle Construction” operates in the construction and construction materials trading sectors. Since the foundation of the company in 1999, through our own marketplace, we have been supplying the Mongolian market with construction materials. The company has more than 150 professional employees, and with their hard work, we have been running stable construction and construction materials trading, and supply operations to become one of the leading companies in this sector today.

Our company began working on construction projects in 2011, in order to expand the company's operations in the construction sector. Our company carried out the constructions and commissioning of “Romashka” Middle School in 2012, ,a 160-student school in the 16th sub-district of Songinokhairkhan District; two blocks of 13-story apartment complex, in the 16th sub-district of Songinokhairkhan District in 2013, with 96 apartments in each block and a service center on the ground floor,; “Shine Muruudul-2” in 2014, a 13-story apartment complex with 273 apartments, in the 19th sub-district of Songinokhairkhan District ; “Undur Khutul” in 2016, an apartment complex with 114 apartments and a service center, in the 19th sub-district of Songinokhairkhan District in . ,For these projects we used high quality construction materials, such as plumbing materials from the Polish -Italian company “Aquatern”,; water and heating pumps from the German company “Grundfoss, ; exterior and interior emulsion, and paint from Finnish company “Tikkurila”, ; elevators from Korean company “Handok”,; wallpapers and steel pipes from Russia, ; apartment doors from “Megawood”,; and other high quality materials from the Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China, Our company bartered /with our partner organizations to acquire these materials. We are happy to report that our real estate clients are fully satisfied with the quality, appearance, interiors, and exteriors of our buildings.