Eagle security service LLC founded in 2003, it is the first leading provider of comprehensive security alarming services with the license of the General Police Department.We work with the motto " SAFETY LIQUIDITY RESOURCES" by following the objectives of respecting the law, respecting human rights and freedoms, ensuring the interests and interests of the clients, fulfilling its obligations under the agreement, and ensuring the confidentiality of the client.

Our company is fully equipped with modern equipment and equipments. high quality professional engineer and technical and emergency unit.We have expanded our foreign relations and used the latest advanced technology of USA, France, Russia, Republic of Korea, China and Israel. We provide reliable and reliable service of various security equipment and equipment to your country and provide you with reliable service.The fire, theft alarm, the video recording and access rights system , cost-effective and cost-effective expense that safeguards the security of all installations, such as families, organizations, apartments, trade centers, banks, financial institutions, and services. it contains useful features such as those that are not affected.